Cuisines: The Style Of International Cooking


Who don’t love to eat? All the peoples in world are week at this point, food. They always look for something different, and tasty and delicious food items. Cooking and Food is your cooking solution, providing you valuable tips from the expert chefs on making your foods; and it covers some popular cuisines that include Italian, Mediterranean, Chinese, Indian, Mexican and Lebanese.

Either you are a cooker or delicious food seeker, Cooking and Food has many things to give. You can learn about new dishes and tastes of several popular cuisines of the world and if you are a cooker, then you can enhance your cooking experiences with the great tips collected from highly reputed and experienced chefs.

Food and Cooking comes with the following cuisines…….

Italian Cuisine: For over centuries, Italian cuisine is known as one of the most popular cuisine and comes with the different tastes. People love Italian food for its abundance of different tastes. Italian Cuisine is also known for its simplicity, with most of the dishes having only 4 to 8 ingredients. Italian food is prepared to be the perfect homemade food and this is why the cuisine is very popular to the people who love homemade food.

Mediterranean Cuisine: These are the food comes from the cultures adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea, including France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey and Lebanon. The food consists of vegetables and fresh fruits with an emphasis on seafood and poultry, rice, beans, grain and pastas. Broiling or grilling is the method of cooking.

Chinese Cuisine: Chinese pride themselves for eating a wide range of different foods. Chinese Cuisine is any of several food styles that originate from the region of china. Chinese food is extremely popular in many parts of world, including Asia, Australia, America, Southern Africa and Western Europe. Rice, noodles, soybeans and wheat dominate Chinese cuisine.

What better way to discover one of these cuisines than by taking a trip to the country itself? You’ll need a guide book, a list of great restaurants and an open mind.

Indian Cuisine: Indian food is heavily influenced by cultural and religious choices. Indian Cuisine comes with a wide range of regional cuisine each of which is unique providing entirely different tastes of different foods. Vegetables dominate the Indian cuisine. The development of these cuisines has been shaped by Jain and Hindus.

Mexican Cuisine: Mexican Cuisine is unique style of food originated in Mexico and is known for its colorful decoration, varied flavors and variety of ingredients. Mexican Cuisine represents its indigenous culture. Some of European ingredients can also be found in Mexican food.

Lebanese Cuisine: Lebanese Cuisine is known for abundance of whole grain, starches, fruits vegetables, seafood and fresh fish. Poultry is more often eaten than red meat. The Lebanese food is seasoned by olive oil, lemon juice, herbs and garlic.

Check out some of the Chinese recipes and Indian recipes on the internet.